• A statutory audit is an examination of an organisation’s financial statements, resulting in the statement of an independent opinion on whether those financial statements give a true and fair view of the results for the period and the state of the company’s affairs at the end of the period being audited and comply with the Companies Acts.
  • Most businesses are audit exempt or can avail of audit exemption, which facilitates efficiency through reduced bureaucracy and lower compliance costs.
  • Our professional staff will always try to add value to audit work done by advising on internal controls and providing general financial advice.
  • We carry out statutory audits for groups, charities, sporting organisations and companies that are not audit exempt.
  • Other work done in this general category includes audit of construction workers’ pension schemes and compilation of the reports required by legal and auctioneering regulations.
  • We also perform non-statutory audit work for government departments, banks, shareholders and granting agencies.
  • We are registered to carry on audit work in the Republic of Ireland by Chartered Accountants Ireland.
  • Details about our audit registration number can be viewed on under the reference number AI223072.